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We offer playful, innovative, and science-based corporate training programs, teambuildings, and learning tools your employees will love

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Your employees learn by doing and having fun





Why do we do it this way?

Briefly, because it is the best way to create unforgettable learning experiences

You need to experience it to learn it. Actively engaging experiences are more effective than passive ones.

Play builds your brain. People learn best from joyful, socially interactive experiences.

You recall information and concepts better if you learn them in multiple, spread-out sessions.

Where do we do it?

Everywhere and anywhere. The world is our classroom


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We can do our programs in your city and your space anywhere in Europe. But if you’re looking for a truly immersive experience, visit us at the first experiential learning hub in Europe, located in the charming city of Maribor, Slovenia. We’re just a quick 1-hour drive from Graz and Zagreb and around 3 hours from the bustling cities of Vienna, Budapest, and Bratislava.


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Remote-only company? No problem! Almost all our programs are adjustable and can be done through an interactive platform that simulates a natural office environment, Zoom, or MS Team integrated with various tools to enhance interactions.


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Remote-first? Hybrid teams? We can customize for hybrid too.
You can send part of your team to us and keep others online. We’ll blend online activities with hands-on, interactive experiences, so your employees can step away from their screens and engage more dynamically and refreshingly. Just let us know your needs, we’re not magicians, but we make magic.

What do we offer?

Unforgettable learning experiences.
3 programs and many modules to meet your team’s needs

Get ready to experience effective communication, build trust, and take your team to the next level. This program consists of 6 modules, and it is fully customizable to fit your company’s unique challenges and goals. Learn more >>>

This program is your shortcut to a productive, resilient, and thriving workplace.
It consists of modules to help employees find the optimal formula that works for them. And yes, it is customizable to fit your needs, and we adjust all assignments to work on your real-life cases. Learn more >>>

Many experiential and fun-fueled modules lasting from 4 hours to 2 days. After the initial assessment and depending on your goals, we suggest you the perfect mix of activities to meet the needs of your team. All modules are suitable for diverse groups. Learn more >>>

Hear what our clients have to say

Our impact in action. Real people, real results


My somewhat radical and non-HR theory is that a team can connect more through a team-building weekend rather than various workshops and weekly programs—a weekend filled with good food, good spirit, and, yes, glasses or bottles of wine. Shared experiences forge memories and connections.

Why? Because teams connect on an emotional, not a rational level. Because “when I really care about the team and the team members” on an emotional, not a rational level, I will work and over-deliver with a higher degree of responsibility and empathy. The ratio be damned, if I know that the team works together not just because they have to, but because they want to, I am much more motivated and responsible for delivering my part.

This core assumption was turned upside down and confirmed by Matej Delakorda, who yesterday connected the Madwise team more in 4 hours than all previous workshops combined. Through exposing vulnerability and strength that stems from it, through positive feedback, and through understanding what our core values are. Through laughter, tears, and newly found respect for individuals, the ones we are all proud of because they overcame obstacles.

Matej answered our question, “Matej, do you know what a connected team is?” with “Nothing is easier. Come with me.” and exceeded all our expectations.

My mindset before the workshop was (pardon my words): “F**k, another workshop. I don’t have four hours.”

My mindset after the workshop was: “What the hell just happened? This was amazing. Let’s do it again.”

The team can and will be connected emotionally, but it can also (and will) be strengthened through rationality, skills, and discipline. Thank you, Matej and Madwise team. Stronger than ever.

Rok Kragelj

Head of Sales, on his Linkedin profile

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